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Scientific Research Institute of Probiotics, Ltd – modern enterprise, creator and producer of microbiological products. Institute of Probiotics is a leading Russian producer of probiotics for animals, birds and aquaculture on the base of spore-forming bacteria. Such probiotics as Basulifor, Subtilis-L, Subtilis-D, Subtilis Lacto, Subtilis-Vet are well known on the domestic market from 2001.

The primary goal is always to make sure that needs and expectations of our clients have been met. It can be reached only by scientific researches orientated toward the modern demands of agriculture, veterinary and feed industry and of course by high quality products.

Our company collaborates on probiotics development with the leading scientific centers of Russia. Among them are G.K.Skryabin Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms of RAS (IBPM RAS), All-Russian Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine of Ya. R. Kovalenko, National Research Centre of Antibiotics, Research Institute for Microbiology and Epidemiology of G.N. Gabrichevskogo of the Ministry of Public Health, Lomonosov Moscow State University, K.I. Skryabin Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotecnology, All-Russia State Institute of Control, Standardization and Certification of Veterinary Preparations, Interdepartmental Ichthyologic Commission of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation, State Fishery Committee of Russian Federation (Goskomrybolovstvo), Moscow Timiriazev Agricultural Academy.

We are sure that biotechnology extremely important for the future prosperity and our products will occupy leading market positions and help our clients to find solutions.